Meet a Mobilizer – Andrei Sedoff, York University

My name is Andrei Sedoff and I am a third year York University student pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Criminology. I had the great privilege to join the KM team through the RAY (Research at York) program in May of 2008 as a Research Translation Assistant. I spent this summer working closely with Jason Guriel to prepare research summaries of some of the finest social science research conducted at York. My career aspirations are to one day get my PhD and become a university Professor. It was hence a great privilege to become part of KM, where I experienced daily interaction with academics and analyzed their research on subjects as diverse as homelessness, immigration, and healthcare for marginalized populations. The RAY program gave me a fantastic opportunity to test-drive the world of social science research and helped sharpen my career goals. I am grateful to stay on as part of the KM team into the school year. KM has also been a unique social experience for me. It was great to always feel included in a team where I had the least experience and education. I think that the most important quality for knowledge mobilizers is to be a team player, since KM is about collaborating to make knowledge accessible and useful to all parties involved. I am grateful that my university experience has included KM and I look forward to continuing my work with the project.

Andrei Sedoff

Andrei Sedoff


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