ResearchImpact hosts a visit by Stockholm and Uppsala Universities in Sweden

On Friday, October 15, York University’s KM Unit hosted a day-long visit by a delegation of 11 researchers and administrators from Stockholm University and Uppsala University who were visiting Canada to learn more about successful Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE) practices.

Steve Gaetz enjoying his baconPresentations were made from Dr. Stephen Gaetz who leads Canada’s Homelessness Research Repository, Homeless Hub; Geoff Webb who is Senior Manager for York’s Experiential Education Program; Obadiah George and Deb Kitchener who work with York’s Advanced Broadband Enabled Learning Project (ABEL) and Michael Johnny with ResearchImpact.  The presentations provided our visitors with a range of activities and tools that York and its partners in KM are using to successfully support KM/KTE.

View the presentations:

Experiential Education and Knowledge Transfer: Bring Textbooks to Life

Making Research Matter: Mobilizing Homelessness Research in Canada

Knowledge Mobilization is Turning Research into Action

Most, but not all, of the delegates were working in industry liaison or technology commercialization operations but they has a particular interested in how to meet the needs to scholars in the humanities and social sciences.  Michael Johnny and MariaIn the words of Sara Jernberg from Uppsala University Innovation, it was “really exciting to hear how you are working. I got a lot of inspiration and good ideas.”   York VP Research & Innovation, Stan Shapson, and David Dewitt, Assoc. VP Research (Social Sciences & Humanities) joined the group for lunch.  One delegate expressed that they were impressed at the degree of engagement with the social sciences and humanities at York.

One online translation of ‘inspiration’ into Swedish gives the result “ingivelse, inandning, lyftning”.  So we wish all of us lots of “ingivelse, inandning, lyftning” as these are universal building blocks for innovation.  The international network for KM grew stronger because of our meeting and we were honoured to host our guests and look forward to ongoing communication in support of our mutual goals of KM/KTE.

5 thoughts on “ResearchImpact hosts a visit by Stockholm and Uppsala Universities in Sweden

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  3. You and your colleagues, Mona, had a busy week for sure here in Canada. I will take your offer to learn from you as an invitation to keep in touch, which I look forward to! I know that while we’re doing some good work here that we have much to learn. I have heard some people here in Canada, too, saying how they’re looking for practice to inform research. Clearly we’re both looking to strengthen the research/practice relationship. As York is leading ResearchImpact here in Canada, perhaps there is an opportunity for a PracticeImpact project between our institutions? (of course, with acknowledgement to the fact that name has been taken!)

  4. Yes, it was most inspiring to visit you!

    Right now, I am preparing a presentation of my experiences during this trip (we also visited SiG, MaRS, Creative Class, University of Waterloo and Federal Ministry of Research and Innovation). My department, Scandinavian Languages at Stockholm University, is into practice oriented research and education, so we have a lot to learn from you – and perhaps you from us ;-)

    (As a linguist, I’m not that impressed by automatic translation … I would say that the correct translation of ‘inspiration’ is ‘inspiration’, only with a different pronounciation …)

    Greeting from Stockholm University!

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