About ResearchImpact

ResearchImpact is a service-oriented program designed to connect university research with research users across Canada to ensure that research helps to inform decision-making.

Working from a grant awarded in 2006, York University and the University of Victoria have established Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Units that work to match researchers with key policy-makers in government, health, and social service agencies. We want to ensure that leading-edge academic research is employed by policy-makers and community groups to develop more effective, efficient, and responsive public policies and social programs.

In 2010, ResearchImpact welcomed the University of Saskatchewan, University of Guelph, Université du Québec à Montréal and the Harris Centre at Memorial University to our KMb network. To read about our first ResearchImpact meeting, which included our United Way partners, click here.

The KMb Units help to train future policy-makers and increase Canada’s number of highly qualified people (HQP) by giving graduate students and post-doctoral fellows valuable experience working with a variety of stakeholders. KMb equips HQP with broader skill sets which they can then take into positions in the public, private, and voluntary sectors.

Visit our website at www.researchimpact.ca


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